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NTL v10 released

Postby victorshoup » Sat Oct 08, 2016 8:29 pm

I've just released a new version of NTL at http://www.shoup.net/ntl

Here is a summary of changes.

New License: LGPLv2.1
  • With the permission of all relevant contributors, NTL is now licensed under LGPLv2.1+ (the Lesser GNU Public License version 2.1 or later).
  • Previously, NTL was licensed under the GPL. This new, less restrictive licensing should hopefully increase the impact of NTL.

Long integer package restructuring
  • I've restructured the long integer package so that the GMP and "classical LIP" modules share much of the same code base.
  • This greatly reduces the amount of redundant code, which will make maintenance easier moving forward.
  • As a bonus, the classical LIP module is simpler, faster, and (finally) thread safe.
  • As another bonus, the GMP module now is much closer to being compatible with "non-empty nails". Although it has not been tested in that mode as of yet, it may eventually be helpful in the future if I want to replace some GMP code with code that exploits AVX-512 IFMA instructions.
  • As a part of this transition, "make check" now includes much more extensive "unit testing" of the long integer package.
  • Despite the drastic changes "under the hood", this restructuring should not affect at all any NTL client code that relies only on the documented interface, including even the ancient legacy interfaces pre-dating NTLv5a from 2000.

File name restructuring
  • I've renamed all the ".c" files to ".cpp" files in the Unix distribution. This seems to be more in line with common practice, and should make it easier to work with compilers and other software development tools.
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